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Many travellers of today seek fasted paced travel programmes to make the most of the vacation time. Pace Travels is all about Fast Paced Vacations. See the country in a few days. If you are prepared to move quickly we are prepared to take you.

Pace Travels specialises in Sri Lanka's destinations and compile travel programmes that allow you to be time and cost effective in moving around the country deriving maximum travel satisfaction.

Although Sri Lanka is a small country in land area, Pace Travels has taken into consideration the fact that there are 80,000km of road network to visit so many places of interest. Searching under places of interest at Pace Travels is proof that Sri Lanka has so many places of interest.

Tour Programmes at Pace Travels start at dawn and go on till dusk before you get to your overnight stay hotel and enjoy an evening programme as well, before retiring for the night. The Dawn to Dusk programmes of Pace Travels can be very challenging yet most enjoyable.

If you prefer to take it down a notch, Pace Travels will also accommodate tones down programmes to suit your leisure time preferences. We are in reality at your service and as such will be flexible with time if you want to pace it down.

Pace Travels works with any recognised hotel in Sri Lanka. Pace Travels programmes are custom made to suit the exact travel needs of its travellers and will work with the lowest priced places of accommodation if that's what you want. Why not spend your money on activities and go slow on the accommodation.

On the other hand if you want to be pampered at a classy up-scale boutique hotel, Pace Travels can take off the pace and let time stand still for you for even a week. It is entirely up to you to tell us what you want to do.

Pace Travels will provide, hotels, vehicles, activities, travel itineraries so you can make your own direct arrangements where you are able to. If not, you may compare your own arrangements with our package programmes and buy our one stop packages. Look under our tour programmes and select an itinerary that meets your liking and don't stop there.

Ask Pace Travels to customise the set programme to your satisfaction. After you book a programme, you will have the opportunity to request for changes in the programme as you learn more about Sri Lanka.

Although Sri Lanka is a little island nation, it is packed with history, biodiversity,culture, astounding places to see and be and many more. The concept of Pace Travels allows you to capture the most in a very short time in Sri Lanka The Small Miracle.

Talk to us now! We at Pace Travels work at a brisk pace.

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